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In this photo : Michelle Mountain and Alex Leydenfrost - photo by Danna Segrest
In this photo : Alex Leydenfrost - photo by Danna Segrest
In this photo : Alex Leydenfrost and Michelle Mountain - photo by Danna Segrest

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137 Park St
Chelsea (map)

Gravity a play; by David Macgregor
Presented by The Purple Rose Theatre Company
February 11 to March 27, 2010

"Isaac Newton was not humanity's first scientist. He was our last sorcerer."

Experience the humanity and humor of one of history's greatest icons as he grapples with the choice between love and immortality.

For centuries, the true nature of the work that engaged Isaac Newton in the years after his Principia Mathematica rocked the world in 1687 lay hidden among trunks of forgotten papers.

Based on Newton's actual letters, this play explores his relationship with a mysterious patroness as he pursued the most important work of his life. Newton drove himself relentlessly in pursuit of Truth, riding the delicate line between divinity and more


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