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Jonathan Marc Sherman
full length drama
5 males and 3 females

Sophistry a play; by Jonathan Marc Sherman
The subjective nature of truth within sexual relationships is the theme of this play about college life in modern-day America. The self-absorbed lives of a group of students at a small New England college are disrupted when they're suddenly forced to deal with a crisis: Philosophy professor Whitey McCoy is accused of seducing a male student, Jack Kahn. Both Whitey and Jack tell the story, each from their conflicting memories, leaving everybody in doubt as to what is true. This alleged sexual harassment story is mixed with slices of student life as everybody gossips, takes sides, and eventually forgets all about Whitey and Jack. The students are too busy drinking, smoking pot, and trying to sort out their romantic longings and sexual obsessions as they try to come of age within the intimate hotbed setting of a contemporary college campus, with all of its confused trials, anxious tribulations, pressures, compromises and politically incorrect dangers.
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Igor Konigsberg
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Jack Kahn
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