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Lanford Wilson
one act comedy/drama
1 male and 1 female

A Betrothal a play; by Lanford Wilson
The setting is a large tent, where two flower show exhibitors have sought refuge from a sudden rainfall. She (Ms. Joslyn) is visibly annoyed at the curt treatment that the judges have given her "Little Soldier" and makes no bones about it. He (Mr. Wasserman) is equally dismayed by the fate of his "Little Tanya," but is too soft-spoken and retiring to vent his anger. They both agree that if the judges are getting soaked it serves them right, but Mr. Wasserman's attempts at friendly conversation are confounded by Ms. Joslyn's close-mouthed surliness. But gradually it develops that (a) they happen to admire each other's creations (unlike the judges) and (b) they are near neighbors—all of which leads in time to the realization that if it proved possible to combine the color of his "Little Tanya" with the texture of her "Little Soldier" a new strain of flower would result which even the most obtuse of judges would be dazzled by. Quivering with anticipation they prepare to leave, as the sun comes out, and the prospect of future glory sends them resolutely back to their test beds and potting sheds.

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