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John Patrick
full length romantic drama
5 males and 6 females

The Willow and I a play; by John Patrick
"Mr. Patrick," says The Sun, "writes of 2 sisters, young in 1900 and in love then with the same tall young man. One of the sisters is frail and gentle; the other robust and assertive and used to getting what she wants. But it is the gentle girl the young man loves and is about to marry-and never marries because the more violent sister tries to kill herself, and the other, finding her with a revolver and wrestling with her for it, is shocked out of reality when the gun is fired. Her mind cowers back from the violence, runs into hiding in terror, and for 40 years the girl lives in her clock-stopped mind on her summer wedding day. And then, in the violence of a summer storm, she awakens the events of the day; that her lover married the sister and died; that they had a son who is very like the father. You may guess whose face she first sees when she returns to time and what it does to her."

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