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John Patrick
full length comedy
3 males and 5 females

The Reluctant Rogue (or Mother's Day) a play; by John Patrick
Reed Dolan would seem to be living in the best of all possible worlds: he is young, attractive and a professor of drama at a small college teeming with toothsome coeds anxious for good grades. Reed's specialty is inviting his better-looking students to his apartment to discuss their term papers, after which, it all goes well, the next step is a weekend at his hideaway on nearby Lake Hocapocapoo. The problem is that his amorous exploits are too successful as, much to his consternation, not one but three lovesick coeds descend on him in succession one afternoon—with Reed then struggling hilariously to keep each from discovering the presence of the others. And in (a) the unexpected arrival of an irate father who intends to shoot his daughter's seducer, and (b) the sudden reappearance of a former student who brings along her young son, claiming that Reed is the father, and the stage is set for the wildly funny finale—with Reed's desperately devious (and hilarious) alibis growing ever more outrageous as he attempts to side-step what, for a less resourceful liar, would be pure and inescapable disaster.

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