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John Patrick
full length comedy
2 males and 4 females

Opal's Baby a play; by John Patrick
The setting is again Opal's tumbledown home on the edge of the city dump, where Opal has a visitor looking for a tire to fit his 1927 Reo truck. Misguided into thinking that Opal is a rich eccentric, the shifty visitor, Norman, announces (fallaciously) that he too is a Kronkie—and Opal's long-lost kin. The upshot is that the warmhearted Opal takes him, and his whole family, in—whereupon they scheme to do her out of her supposed fortune. When Norman confides that his daughter-in-law, Verna, is pregnant (abetted by a well-placed pillow), Opal decides to leave all her worldly goods to the "baby," and the others have to settle for petty thievery while they figure out how to get around their lie. Needless to say the "plot thickens" hilariously as they do so, but happily all ends well, at least for Opal, who emerges safe, sound and ready for whatever may come next.
Past Projects
29 January 2011
20 November 2010

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